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Below are serial number ranges for antique Ford tractors
Models include 9N 2N, 8N, NAA, 600, 700,800, 900 series Antique Ford Tractors

Serial Number Locations for Ford Tractors

The serial numbers on the Ford 9N, 2N, and 8N tractors are stamped on the left side (sitting in tractor seat) )of the engine block, near the top edge of the block, behind the oil filter. They are not stamped very deep (or straight) and may be obscured by paint. The lower-case letter "b" was used for the number "6", and an upper-case letter "I" for the number "1".

Serial numbers are ALWAYS stamped. (Any numbers and letters that are raised, or cast into the part, will be either part numbers or casting numbers.) Serial numbers are used to determine year of manufacture. Check below for serial number chart.

Serial numbers are stamped in the format "9Nxxxx" for 2N and 9N tractors, and "8Nxxxxx" for 8N tractors. All 2N tractors used 9N serial numbers. A star or a diamond is stamped before and after the serial number, with diamonds only appearing only on late 8N tractors. This denotes sleeve type.
N-series tractors did not have a separate transmission or differential serial number.

Exceptions: Serial numbers beginning with 9NAN or 8NAN denote kerosene burning tractors. The 9NBN prefix denotes industrial tractors. The BNO25 and BNO40 prefixes were used on MotoTug tractors. Engines removed from combines or power units, and used as replacements in tractors, may have "Ford Industrial Engine" tags, or "Axxx-xx", or similar prefixes.

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9N, 9NAN
located on left side of engine block
1939 1 - 10275
with "9N" in front of number 1940 10276 - 46017
1941  46018 - 88933
1942  88934 - 99046
2N, 2NAN
located on left side of engine block
1942 99047 - 105411
with "9N" in front of number 1943 105412 - 126574
1944 126575 - 170017
1945 170018 - 198767  
1946 198768-258539
1947 258540-306221
Model 8N 1947-1952 1947 8N1 - 8N37907
1948 8N37908 - 8N141369
1949 8N141370 - 8N245636
1950 8N245637 - 8N343592
1951 8N343593 - 8N442034
1952 8N442035 - 8N524076
Jubilee & NAA 1953-1954 1952 NAA 00001 - NAA 04929
1953 NAA 04930 - NAA 77474
1954 NAA 77475 - NAA 128965
Hundred Series 600-900
1954 Serial number 1 - 10614
1955 Serial number 10615 - 77270
1956 Serial number 77271 - 116367
1957 Serial number 116368 - up
"X01" Series 501-901
First Select-O-Speed transmissions
1957 Serial number 1001 - 11996
1958 Serial number 11997 - 58311
1959 Serial number 58312 - 105942
1960 Serial number 105943 - 131426
2030-4030-4040 Series 1961 Serial number 131427 - 155530
1962 Serial number 155531 - up
2000-4000-6000 Series 1962 Serial number 1001 - 11947
1963 Serial number 11948 - 38930
1964 Serial number 38931 - up


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